Avita Feature Friday

Feature Friday – Introducing Avita Communications

Avita Feature Friday

We are running a feature every Friday here at Gray Office Park where we will be sharing a bit more about clients and local businesses we work with. This week we spoke with the team over at Avita Communications who provide Gray Office Park clients with high-end telecommunications support.

Who are Avita Communications?

Avita specialise in the installation, support and management of:

• Hybrid Phone Systems

• Traditional Phone Systems

• Hosted Phone Systems

• Unified Communication Solutions

• Advanced Contact Centre Solutions

• Wired & Wireless Networks as well as Voice, Data & Cloud services to businesses of all sizes throughout Europe.

Since their launch in 2010, their customer base has grown to over 750 customers, a large portion of which lies within the Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing and Education Industries.


Avita Communcations and Alcatel-Lucent attend the Irish Hotel Federation Showtel 2019!

Avita stand 63

Avita along with our partners Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise showcased the latest advances in hospitality technology at this years Irish Hotels Federation Conference and Trade Exhibition – Showtel. The event took place in the Gleneagle Hotel & INEC, Killarney, Co. Kerry on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th March 2019.

If you would like to learn about the latest technologies Avita Communications have to offer please contact one of the team members today.

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Digital Training Feature

Feature Friday – Introducing Digital Training Institute

Digital Training Feature

We sat down with the talented Joanne Sweeney from Digital Training Institute for a chat about what she has been up to! Joanne has been apart of the Gray Office Park community for a while now and as 2018 has been a huge year for her we wanted to hear all the latest news.

2018 was a bold year


This year I niched down at Digital Training Institute. I was brave and bold as I pivoted to specialise in the Government and public sector by creating  sub-brand called Public Sector Marketing Pros. I’ve been providing digital marketing and social media consulting and training for 10 years, but this year was about setting my business up to scale. 


Any good digital marketer knows that to scale online, you need a solid niche. I’ve always worked with public sector and in fact three years ago wrote a book on how police forces use social media. 


I also published a book, launched a 12-month accredited Diploma in Digital Communications for Public Sector, hosted a sell-out national conference in Dublin, researched, wrote and launched a national report, spoke on stages in Brussels, London and across Ireland and reached 123 podcast episodes. 


But I’m just warming up. 


2019 will be about leveraging


With two Public Sector Digital Marketing Summits planned for next year – February in Brussels and June in Dublin – I’m going to be leveraging the hard work put in this year. I plan to scale my online business and get greater exposure in new markets like the US and Australia. 


Quickfire Questions!


What is the most rewarding part about the work you do?

I love teaching and empowering people with the knowledge I have. I believe in transformation and I practice what I preach. My business gives me many remarkable opportunities to speak on stage and work with international governments and public sector bodies. 


What has been  a highlight for 2018 for you?

It’s probably got to be hosting Ireland’s first Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit at the Round Room in the Mansion House in Dublin. It was over-sold and I got remarkable feedback. Watch the video below. 


What do you love most about Galway?

I love Galway because it’s my home, even though I’m from Donegal. I came here as a teenage parent in 1997 with a 2-year-old daughter. Galway has been very good to me and I have a strong sense of connection with it. I also love to live by the sea, as I grew up by the sea. 


What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Time off and spending quality time with my two children. It’s also my birthday on New Year’s Eve, so I’m always off work to celebrate. 






Living The Dream

Living the Dream

Dreaming Big

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But there’s often a seemingly massive, insurmountable gap between the reality you are living now and the realisation of your ultimate dream. The truth is, the gap between where you are now and the dream is going to require work – hard work. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, don’t worry. Here are some basic steps you can take to get you started…


Do You Know Exactly Where you Want to Go?

You’ve admitted it – you want that future dream to be a reality. But what does that reality actually consist of? Vision is key and to make it clearyou may have to ask yourself some serious questions – what needs to be added to / subtracted from your life to create a happy lifestyle for yourself? What new activities do you need to include in your daily routine? How will you act and will you see yourself in a different, more positive light? Go deep and be specific.


Where Are You Now?

No one ever embarks on a journey without knowing how much fuel they have in their car and living the dream won’t happen without you knowing how much work lies between who you are now and the absolutely-amazing you. It might be a difficult thing to do but you have to ask, ‘Why am I not living my dream now?’ Do you feel you are in a good, well balanced place emotionally? Does your family play a significant enough role in your life? What community are you surrounded by? Maybe the bottom line is you feel you could do better with your career – but the question is, have you actually stepped outside your comfort zone and proactively done something about it? Defining what is not your dream will help you determine what needs to change to achieve your vision.


Get Connected

It is true that the onus is on you to make your dreams a reality – but you won’t get very far trying to go it alone altogether. There is an old African proverb that says, ”If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.’ If you’re naturally introverted or just extremely busy, it’s easy to become isolated and forget to reach out to others. This can really stunt your efforts as, regardless of how experienced you are, how can you get to were you want to be if no one knows you, recommends you or introduces you to a new opportunity? As we said earlier, clarify your vision – but then reach out to others – it’s good for accountability and potential collaborations.


So get ready….2017 is YOUR year to make your dreams come true!


At Gray Office Park, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and dreams with the services we offer at our Galway City Centre premises. To find out how we can help you, contact us on (091) 511 400 or email us at

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