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Laying the foundation for your next business important business meeting

Laying the Foundation for Your Next Important Business Meeting

If you have turned the dream of having your own  business into a reality, that is cause enough to congratulate yourself. The next big thing will be for you to start finding clients and this essentially means you’ll be planning and attending a plethora of business meetings to make connections and start generating some revenue. It’s important you don’t lose focus because, at the end of the day, time is money. Therefore, you need to make the most of your meetings as they are opportunities for growth and prosperity. In the words of Thomas Edison,’We should remember that good fortune happens when opportunity meets with preparation.’ With that in mind, here are some useful tips for your next big meeting.


Positivity First

Whilst the message of your meeting is very important, your attitude ahead of the meeting is especially important. Always go into your meetings or negotiations with an upbeat attitude. Tell yourself that you will make this the best possible deal for all parties. The thought that you will fail will probably lead to a self fulfilling prophecy. Rather try to use positive affirmations like,’This meeting WILL go well.’ And remember to smile and take a deep breath before going into the room.

Practice Your Public Speaking

Surprisingly enough, most people don’t give their public speaking any thought until they actually have to speak in public. Even with the support of the best prepared presentation, having rhetorical skills that are far from perfect could cause the meeting to suffer. Wherever possible, practice your public speaking skills especially if you have little confidence in them. Joining a society like Toastmasters or taking a public speaking course at a university will boost your confidence in meetings and make you feel more at ease with others. And this ultimately means that your business meetings will become more successful.

Determine the Purpose and Objective of Your Meeting

Always go into your meeting knowing what you want to achieve from your meeting. Is your ultimate goal to solve a client’s problem? Or maybe it’s to gain more notoriety in your industry. A clear goal will help you steer the meeting in the right direction. Ahead of the meeting, do your research. Read all the relevant documents, emails, trade journals etc. Set time boundaries for your meeting so you know how long it will last and have a plan for how you will set the tone and pace. And lastly, always go into your meeting with your own set of questions.

Assemble and Organise Your Equipment and Materials.

Maintaining a smooth even flow to your meeting is best achieved by organising your necessary supplies and equipment ahead of time. Print our any information that is on the meeting agenda so all attendees can follow along and fully participate. Also, inform participants if they need to bring any other materials. The key i snot to leave people guessing about why they are meeting you. Declare your purpose and be as prepared as possible. If you are using any sort of the electrical equipment or digital elements, make sure you know how everything works. Even more important is your certainty that everything ACTUALLY works ahead of your meeting. By eliminating technical problems you are sure to avoid any unnecessary stress. If you are hosting the meeting, arrive early to check the lighting and seating arrangements as as the room temperature. And as insignificant as it may seem, make sure that there are refreshments provided for everyone.

What’s Next?

Don’t leave your meeting without setting action times, assigning responsibility and following up. If you have met with a new or existing client, set a time and place for your next meeting and thank them for inviting you. It also never hurts to write a thank you note after an important meeting to leave your client with a good first impression

Find the Right Location

Should you be a home based business owner or have a virtual office, the location of your meetings is particularly important. Typically, the meeting place of choice for the mobile or home based CEO would be a hotel conference room but an upcoming trend is the use of boardrooms/meeting rooms within serviced office facilities. A perfect example are The Meeting Rooms @ Gray Office Park which are available to hire for businesses wishing to hold meetings in the Galway City area. The Meeting Rooms offer a host of benefits including complimentary wifi, free onsite parking, smart TV, whiteboard, telephone facilities and more.  With seating in each meeting room for 6-8 people,  you are guaranteed the privacy you need as well as facilities of the highest specification that are sure to enhance your meeting and give your business the gravitas and professional image it deserves.

Whether your meeting involves in house staff solely or extends to industry leaders, investors or clients, following these simple steps will help you attain and perhaps even exceed your meeting goals.


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