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The Odeon Rooms



Location! Location! Location!

Both Gray Office Park and The Odeon Rooms are located at central points of the city making them ideal for working professionals. Our Gray Office Park clients based in the Headford Road enjoy the luxury of free city centre parking while The Odeon Rooms are based a stone’s throw away from all city bus and train routes. Both locations are a five minute walk from Galway’s Courthouse – making it no surprise that we house many of Galway’s best known solicitors.  

The Odeon Rooms

Office Community

 Both locations house a multitude of company types – from solicitors to recruiters, from home-carers to construction workers. Our locations guarantee you not only mix and mingle with lovely people but you also expand your professional network. A lot of our clients’ business is sourced from within their very own building – better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!


 Gray Office Park 


No Hidden Costs

All clients of our serviced offices pay a set rent, dependent on office size, on a monthly basis. This rental fee includes absolutely everything. There are no hidden charges – which means that you enjoy the certainty of electricity, heat, WiFi and postal management as well as a friendly in-house receptionist minus the hassle of individual payments. We also offer our clients four hours free boardroom usage per day.  


Call Pal, Avita Communications, Sleepless Server Solutions

Our Sister-Companies Are On Site

Gray Office Park holds three sister companies essential to any business. Avita Communications, Sleepless Server Solutions and Callpal. Avita Communications offers an expert telecommunications service as well as providing companies with top of the range Hybrid Phone systems and WiFi Networks. Sleepless Server Solutions is Ireland’s leading cloud and data services provider – Sleepless provides a host of products including Cloud backup solutions and specializes in Microsoft products. Both helpdesks are always ready to assist and are located on our premises. Last but not least, Callpal is our ever growing Call-Answering business. The majority of our serviced offices avail of our services and rate us highly. We also cater to companies outside of our buildings known to us as our virtual clients. Our clients say that having these companies on-site gives a sense of relief knowing that they are in safe hands.


Our relationship with Our Clients

Here at Gray Office Park and The Odeon Rooms we don’t forget to give back to our clients. We host staff and clients events regularly to remind them how valuable they are to us. We also work with our clients to give back to our community – we are currently doing a collection for Cope Galway to help the homeless this Christmas!



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